Innovating to Advance Natural Healing

CERVOS Medical is a procedure driven medical device company focused on innovative solutions to improve natural healing. Our best-in-class orthobiologic products mimic and promote vasculogenesis, the body’s natural reparative mechanism. We develop minimally invasive, highly efficient, and cost-effective solutions that treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions to include repairing bone, preserving joints, and managing chronic pain.

Harnessing the Power of Vasculogenesis 

When trauma occurs, vasculogenesis, the process by which marrow stem cells move through peripheral vasculature to repair damage is the key to recovery. As we age, the number of stem cells in the marrow diminishes, and the vasculature narrows or clogs impairing the vasculogenesis process.  In older patients and/or more severe injury, our bodies are less capable of healing on their own. That’s where Cervos steps in. Cervos’ products enhance vasculogenesis by providing the tools to overcome the diminished number of marrow stem cells thereby enhancing the body’s ability to respond to trauma. The biology is complex but the tools are simple and intuitive.

Patient Safety a Top Priority

Patient safety is our number one priority.  When our products are used, we see that patient as a member of our family. While all of our products are FDA cleared, and manufactured in US-based ISO-9000 registered facilities, our mission is to go beyond compliance to meet or exceed the expectations of our providers and their patients.  Our devices are terminally sterilized using FDA validated processes and designed to limit off the field processing steps and to decrease the amount of time that the patient is in the operating room.  In short, Cervos is proud to be a leader in the development of highly efficient products that prioritize sterility without sacrificing efficacy.